Pinnacle Climate Technologies™ is pleased to offer the quietest, most effective solution for portable job site space heating. Engineered to reduce noise, increase efficiency, and simplify use, SilentDrive® is the next step forward in construction heater design!

Half the Noise of a Conventional Torpedo Heater

One of the most common complaints about Diesel torpedo heaters is that they are quite loud. In fact, conventional forced air heaters produce about 92 dBA of sound, which exceeds the OSHA threshold for hearing protection. In terms of decibels, it’s like having a motorcycle running in your work area all day.

SilentDrive® heaters, by comparison, reduce this noise pollution by around 10dBA, which amounts to a 50% noise reduction in your work space.

In the field, the difference is clear. You hardly even have to raise your voice to talk around a running SilentDrive® heater, whereas you have to shout to be heard over the drone from a conventional forced air heater.

So What Have We Changed?

The SilentDrive® forced air heater series utilizes our patent pending Dual Fusion technology to directly inject fuel and air for efficient combustion and heat exchange. Gone is the noisy and inefficient fuel pump system that has remained unchanged for over 60 years.

The elegance of SilentDrive® is in the simplicity of its design. Our Dual Fusion technology fixes inefficiency with a “right sized” motor, a quiet blower and a quiet impeller air circulation system. Motor size is reduced, electrical power requirements are reduced, air turbulence is removed, and the heater hums along producing all of the heat you demand at half the noise.


Less Maintenance

The new maintenance-free electronic fuel pump gets rid of much of the hassle necessary to keep a conventional torpedo heater running smoothly. There is no air pressure to adjust, no air filters to replace, and no rotor gaps to keep set.


Fuel Saving Features

All SilentDrive® Diesel Heaters come equipped with variable heat settings and a built-in thermostat. These features help to conserve fuel in the field, while also making SilentDrive® heaters extremely versatile for use in a wide variety of settings.


Lower Electricity Costs

By separating the combustion process from the blowing process, SilentDrive® heaters are able to use their electric motors more efficiently. As a result, our measurements indicate that a SilentDrive® heaters use 46% less electricity than an equivalent conventional Torpedo Heater.


Ease Of Portability

Ease of portability is very important to our customers. All of our SilentDrive® Construction Heaters come equipped with heavy duty solid wheels which are mounted to a high-grade steel support structure.

Why Choose SilentDrive®

Job site heaters are essentially “productivity boosters.” They make a cold working environment more comfortable for people, and more efficient for equipment.
Like cold temperatures, loud sustained noise also causes discomfort and a loss in productivity. Such noise puts extra strain on the body, and makes it difficult to communicate effectively.
SilentDrive® heaters boost productivity in both ways by generating powerful heat with half the noise.

That is why productive people everywhere are using SilentDrive® for space heating.

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